Direttore File Manager Beta

Direttore is a Windows 10 desktop file manager, currently in closed beta

Multi Column View. Thumbnails in details (last) column, up to 768x768.

Thumbnails View. Thumbnails up to 256x256.

Details View. All Windows property system is supported.

Themable. Theme Editor is built in.

Supports Icon Packs for files, folders, special folders. Icon Packager is built in.

What features would you like?

Direttore has a minimal GUI, here are some shortcuts:

    • [Ctrl] + [+] / [-] / [0] Make text larger / smaller / reset
    • [Ctrl] + [N] New window
    • [Ctrl] + [O] ] Load theme
    • [Ctrl] + [I] Change/make new icon pack
    • [Ctrl] + [T] Theme Editor
    • [Ctrl] + [H] Folder options (show hidden files, show protected files, show extensions)