Direttore File Manager

Windows 10 desktop file manager.

Multi Column(Miller columns) | Thumbnails | Details views.

Supports Themes and Icon packs.

Asynchronous file operations. Long path support. Color Labels.

Multi Column View (Miller columns). Thumbnails in details (last) column, up to 768x768.

Thumbnails View. Thumbnails up to 256x256.

Details View. All Windows property system is supported.

Themable. Theme Editor is built in.

Supports Icon Packs for files, folders, special folders. Icon Packager is built in.

Asynchronous File Operations.

Long Path support (up to about 30 levels deep, no matter path length)

Color Labels (NTFS Drives only)

You can change every aspect of the GUI.

Colors. buttons, scrollbars, etc.

Override system icons with your own.

Preview files:

Direttore supports QuickLook

  • Install QuickLook from the Store and launch it.

  • In Direttore select a file and press [space bar] , to see file's preview.

  • Press [space bar] again to get out of the preview.

Multi column view:

  • NEW: Direttore will calculate column width for new folders. You can tweak Auto Width settings in Options.

  • Direttore remembers column width, for each specific folder. Just set it once, and it will be remembered.

  • Hold [alt] while resizing column, to resize all columns equally.

  • Double click while hovering a column divider to size column to fit.

Color Labels:

  • Add any of the six color labels to any file or folder. NTFS drives only, not for special folders, e.g. "This PC".

  • Sort with color labels, like any other property.

  • Menu->Options->Color Labels to change colors, text etc.

This PC + Bookmark Folders.

  • Have as many Bookmarks Folders as you like. Organize your bookmarks your way.

  • Click on a Bookmarks Folder header to collapse / uncollapse a group.

  • Right click on a Bookmarks Folder header* to: rename/make new/delete.

  • Drag drop an item on a Bookmarks Folder header*, to place a bookmark in that folder.

  • You can bookmark files or apps, not just folders.

  • Bookmarks are regular shortcuts, so you can rename them*, if you want.

*Not "This PC"

Fonts too small or too large ?

No need to search through windows settings. Just press [Ctr] + [+] or [Ctr] + [-].

Direttore supports custom text size.

Renaming file extensions

If user accidentally (or not) change the file type while renaming, Direttore will provide a hint.

  • A green line for single item, indicating that the file type will change. User will NOT get the windows warning dialog, if he goes through.

  • A red line for multiple items, indicating that the file types will not change. Changing file types while renaming multiple items is not allowed, but item's names will change.
    [NEW v 1.040.0] Holt Shift to override and change extension on multiple files.

Auto complete is here

  • Works same as Explorer.

  • User can copy-paste file paths between Direttore or Explorer windows.

If you would like a feature, contact us.